Main Title Credits
Josh Wise
Chelse Swain
Sean Shanks
Amanda MacDonald
Tony LaThanh
with Michael Jackson as the zoologist
and Corbin Bernsen
Casting Director
Mark Sikes
Production Designer
Jen Swanston
Serena Warner
Music Supervisor
Cathy Tamkin
Mark Petrie
Douglas Glover
Associate Producers
James Renn
James Atkinson
David Vendl
Troy Paff
Sally Yang
Daniel Mellitz
Kathy Renee Mattes
Writer Director
Daniel Mellitz
End Credit Scroll
in order of appearance
Michael Jackson
alex feldman
Josh Wise
school bully
Joshua Boyd
mr. feldman
Corbin Bernsen
james dobbs
Sean Shanks
eric "'cric" keefer
Tony LaThanh
white castle's cashier
Melanie A Allen
susie jansen
Chelse Swain
mrs. jansen
Toni Turpen
Brishel Prichard
Carlos A Cabarcas
kristie harber
Amanda MacDonald
Timothy Scott Blevins
convenience store clerk
Eric Thompson
dream girl
Jill Green
kristie's father
Jerry Lamont
voice of kristie's father
Oleg Zatsepin
LeAnne Lynch
station mechanic
Michael C DeBoard
truant officer #1
Price Carson
truant officer #2
Fritz Greve
ratty girl
Chelsea Netzband
juvenile hall monitor
Lydia Blanco
tow-truck driver
David Reynolds
miss arbor
Shirley Saunders
stunt coordinator / stunt driver
Jayson Dumenigo
production coordinator
David Vendl
1st assistant director
Michael G Maurer
2nd assistant director
Greg Fehribach
steadicam / b camera operator
Nicolas Martin
1st assistant camera
Lewis Fowler
2nd assistant camera
Tom Kirlin
camera pa
Derek Ho
special fire fx
Joel Elliott
video assist
Guy Mellitz
sound mixer
Jeff Knudsen
sound mixer, co/mo
Troy Paff
swing boom
Mitchell Hanna
swing boom
Jason Hougaard
swing boom
John Matysiak
Tomas Hejda
key grip
Eric Forand
best boy electric
Dan Kanes
swing grip/electric
Richard W Botchlet
crane grip
Duane Osterlind
electronic press kit/swing
Joshua A Hicks
makeup department head / hair
Erica Wells
set dresser, nm
Courtney Tucker
set dresser, ca/ut
Penny Smith
Alana Lagerhausen
swing art department
Jameson Williams
casting, nm
Kathryn Brink
script supervisor
Bryan Andrew Sundstrom
music clearance
Sessing Music Services
craft service, ca
Charlie Phillips
catering, ca
Kathleen J Mattes
Joan Mitchell
Sheila Doerschel
catering & craft service, nm
Carrie Wenninger
catering, mo
Marcia Mellitz
production assistants
Sean Afsahi
Derek Ho
Danielle Jones
key set production assistant, nm
Tor Matson
storyboard artist
David McAdoo
sound editor / post mixer
Kenneth Klimack
Barking Dog Sound
set mom
Sandra Wise
script feedback
Shelley Arnold
Duane Osterlind
James Atkinson
Eric Victoria
Anthony Theisen
David Vendl
previs / digitizing assistance
Duane Osterlind
insurance - 1421 productions
Jesse Blitz
David Cohen
Mike Galatte
production legal services
Law Offices of Michael Norman Saleman
script clearance
payroll services
Netpay Incorporated
cameras and high definition equipment
Video Equipment Rentals
grip and electric packages
Wooden Nickel
stage services
Studio 905
camera mounts
Joseph Ruiz
cinewave online system courtesy of
James Atkinson
post production HD decks
ATM Leasing
film recording courtesy of
Rhythm & Hues
laboratory services
Hollywood Film and Video
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many thanks to the following
who, without their cooperation, this film would not have been complete...
The Los Angeles Zoo
Horton Watkins High School
U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service:
• Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (St. Louis Gateway Arch)
• Great Sand Dunes National Monument and Preserve
Millikan High School in Long Beach, CA
Appletree Condominiums
White Castle
The Town of Taos, NM
Louella Chacon for Mante's Chowcart
Charles Lansdale for Stagecoach Hot Springs
Arthur and Carol Cisneros for Mountain View Grocery
U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management:
• Barstow Field Office (Dumont Dunes)
• Monticello Field Office (Switchbacks)
• Mark Sundin, New Mexico Film Office (Rio Grande Gorge)
The Town of Blanding, UT
Super Save Discount Foods
Canyonland Tire and Gas Station
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Gardena High School in Gardena, CA
The Lagoon RV Park & Campground and Amusement Park
The Long Beach Rescue Mission
California State University Long Beach Police Dept
Entertainment Industry Development Corporation
The Four Corners Hotel
The Quality Inn, Taos, NM
Dragonfly Café
Homestead Steakhouse
Western Sky Café
Sheva Café
Friday Motors, Taos
Rita's North Side
Appliance Plus
Otro Vez Thrift Store
Second Chances
Second Time By Design
Town & Country Furniture
Alton Walpole with Mountainair Films
Jonathan Slator with the Taos County Film Commission
Indigo Sams and the Center of Contemporary Arts
Kirk Bergman for Kristie's House
Julia Valerma for Susie's House
Gene Beckwith
Tony Schueller
Adam Robins with Robins Backhoe & Dozer Service, Antonito, CO
The California Film Commission
The Utah Film Commission
The New Mexico Film Commission
The Colorado Film Commission
The Missouri Film Commission
Sharri Hefner
Robert Marriot
Geneva Giles and Deborah Nelson
The Julien Family
Shelley Arnold
Jean Mellitz
Jane and Bob Feibel
Sharon and Elliot Zucker
Glen Mitchel
Joan Mitchel
Patricia D Nemish
Mary Glover
extra special thanks to...
Marcia Mellitz
John Mellitz
Kathleen J Mattes
Lyle Mattes
the naked ape was shot on location in
California, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri
microscopic footage from the Artbeats Digital Film Library
excerpts from "The Naked Ape" by Desmond Morris, published by Jonathan Cape
used by permission of the Random House Group Ltd.
excerpts from La Femme Pickle courtesy of Daniel Mellitz
Final Cut Pro is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.,
registered in the U.S. and other countries.
no animals were harmed in the production of this motion picture
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United States of America. Closed Door Productions, LLC is the author of this motion picture
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the characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious,
and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person
is entirely coincidental and unintentional.
this motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States of America
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