Welcome the web site for the movie, The Naked Ape! We hope you find something of interest floating around on these pages.

10/23/05 - Well, it’s taken longer than expected but we’ve finished out color correction and our sound mix. The visual effects company, Rhythm & Hues, has been generous enough to allow us to use their film recorder to output the HD to 35mm film and we’re nearly done making a negative. The plan is to have a 35mm print available by the end of the year for sending to festivals. The final steps are to master the full movie to the various other presentation formats that festivals and distributors will need. We’ve updated the website a bit with some stills from the movie and have finally posted the trailer (on hold till now due to music licensing). The calendar is currently a little sparse but as we hold screenings at festivals and other venues we’ll post the information there. We anticipate the first festival screenings to be in 2006.

We’ve also updated the site with a bunch of new material so take a look at the “Media” section for the trailer, pictures, music and more...

6/16/05 - We are currently completing post production and plan on being fully finished some time this summer. The movie is cut and colored and sitting patiently on our HiDef system waiting for the sound to be completed. The score is coming along beautifully and licensing of additional songs is nearly wrapped up. We'll post the trailer as soon as the songs we've used with it have been cleared. We're proceeding with the sound edit and foley and will do ADR at the end of June.

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