Just for kicks, we've decided to include that two shorts by director, Daniel Mellitz . The short films, The Lost Mariner and La Femme Pickle, were both made while attending film school at California State University Long Beach.

The Lost Mariner

(High Requires QuickTime 7 - h.264)
The Lost Mariner takes its name and basic story from a true short story in the book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat by famed neurologist, Oliver Sachs. The story follows a neurologist dealing with a patient who’s memory only lasts a few minutes. Though over 60, the patient is stuck in the past, believing he’s still in his 20’s. Taking “ignorance is bliss” to an extreme, what should a doctor to do when he has the ability to restore an aging man’s memory but at the price that the patient will become aware of all that he has lost.

19:30 • 16mm • Color


  • Best in Show - The Marin County Fair
  • Silver Award - Worldfest Houston
  • Silver Award - Worldfest Charleston
  • Award of Excellence - The Joey Awards
  • Screened at the DGA in Hollywood
La Femme Pickle

(High Requires QuickTime 7 - h.264)
La Femme Pickle is a “mocumentry” style comedy in the vein of This Is Spinal Tap. It follows the fictional making of a student film where anything that could go wrong does. Fluctuating between dry and absurd, the movie is chock full of references to memorable films as well as reenacting some common urban legends from the film industry.

23:12 • 16mm • Color


  • Best in Show - CSU Summer Arts Festival
  • Best in Show - San Jose State Film Festival
  • Grand Prize - Cinquest Film Festival
  • Gold Cindy - The Cindy Competition
  • Honorable Mention - Film Front Festival
  • Accepted for Cliff House Prod Video
  • Screened at the DGA in Hollywood

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